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Our tequila process begins as a raw agave plant, hand-cultivated using traditional techniques on our Jalisco estate. The nutrient-rich nature of Jalisco’s rocky volcanic soil makes our blue Weber agave plants sweeter, juicier and excellent integrators of flavor.

After reaching maturity at about seven years, we individually select and hand-harvest our agave plants. Highly trained agave farmers called Jimadors strip the agave plants of their leaves using coas, or bladed shovels, and extract the piña, or agave “heart,” from the soil. The agave leaves are left to compost and reinvigorate the farm’s soil.

From there, our piñas are taken to the distillery, where they are chopped, stacked and cooked for 24 hours in an autoclave. Then the cooked agave is shredded and gently pressed to retain its full flavor.

Next, the cooked agave product is fermented using a family-secret yeast strain. The yeast converts the agave sugars into a base alcohol, which will be distilled for clarity.

During the distillation part of the tequila process, heat and pressure extract a rich, flavorful spirit. It is then distilled a second time and bottled as our Blanco. Some is sent to age in white oak barrels on the estate, to yield our Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo expressions. Aging can take upwards of three-and-a-half years.

Finally, our aged tequilas are bottled with hand-applied labels and shipped to premium liquor purveyors, including online stockers like Drizly.