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A Passionate Pedigree

Over four generations, we have been hard at work perfecting the art and craft of growing agave and distilling tequila. To this day, we instill age-old processes and values handed down from generation to generation. Every sip and every bottle represent the continuation of the very legacy we’ve worked so hard to create.

About - main slide

Grace Gonzalez

Fourth Generation Distiller & Brand Ambassador

Daughter of Master Distiller Rodolfo Gonzalez, Grace represents the fourth generation of our family’s craft. Over the years, she has worked at every level of the business and developed a passion for the skilled hands and time-honored techniques that go into making our award-winning tequila. As a Distiller and Brand Ambassador, Grace travels the world introducing new people to our family, our tequila and our legacy.

The Gonzalez Family

Rodolfo Gonzalez

Just like his father, and his mother’s father, Rodolfo is a very hands-on Master Distiller. Passionately overseeing the entire process from field to bottle, Rodolfo ensures every drop that leaves the distillery is nothing short of perfection.

Rodolfo’s son Paul and daughter Graciela represent the fourth generation of Gonzalez distillers and the continuation of the family legacy.

Destiladora González Lux
Destiladora Gonzalez Lux
Located just outside the city of Arandas, in the highlands of Jalisco, DGL sits in a prime location for the superior agave used in our premium tequilas. DGL continues the decades-old partnership in making tequila between the Lux and Gonzalez families. Our new distillery, in true Gonzalez tradition, uses the same methodology to produce award-winning tequila as the family’s Destiladora Gonzalez Gonzalez (DGG) has been using for more than 150 years. From plant to pour, our lifelong passion for crafting tequila shines through in every variation of El Mayor tequila.