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Introducing The El Mayor Signature Series

This year, we debuted the El Mayor® Signature Series: a collection of limited-run specialty tequilas. These exclusive bottles explore new flavors, techniques and finishes, offering unique experiences while maintaining the proven history of quality you expect from El Mayor® Tequila. These limited-time expressions are a must-own and have the power to turn any time into an occasion worth celebrating.

Read on to learn more about the first two offerings in the series.


This deliciously herbal blanco tequila is made with agave exclusively from the Los Lobos Plantation, the highest altitude in the lowlands of Jalisco at 1900 meters above sea level. Thanks to this region’s diverse soil – a combination of red clay and volcanic rock – this Single Estate Blanco boasts an exceptionally smooth taste and unique flavor profile.

Tasting Notes:

Aging: Unaged

Color: Clear and bright with silver sparkles

Nose: Notes of agave, wild herbs, fruity hints like green apples and smooth spices

Mouth: Intense bouquet with character, agave, hints of fresh herbs and fine citrus tones


The type of barrels used in the tequila aging process can have a dramatic effect on its taste, and this reposado aged in French oak chardonnay casks exhibits a truly distinct flavor. With barrels personally selected by our tequila sommelier and self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, Graciela – a fourth-generation distiller from the legendary Gonzalez family – this reposado finishes with a beautifully golden color with a sweet aftertaste.

Tasting Notes:

Aging: Aged for nine months

Color: Golden straw with silver sparkles

Nose: Cooked agave, soft notes of oak and vanilla, hints of spices and fruity touches

Mouth: Smooth, sweet and oaky, cooked agave with vanilla notes at the end and a smooth, sweet aftertaste 

Look for El Mayor® Signature Series products at a retailer near you.

These are just the first two in an ongoing series of limited-run tequilas from El Mayor®. Follow us on Facebook to get all the latest information about the next expressions in the series.