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Passion. Practice. Perfection. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Pudge Rodríguez knows what it takes to make a long-lasting legacy. That’s why he appreciates the craft and dedication it takes to make El Mayor Tequila.


This month, we sat down with Pudge to talk baseball, Latin-American culture and his love for El Mayor.


How did you come to know El Mayor and the Gonzalez family?
I have some ties to El Mayor’s distributor in Texas, and through those ties I was able to first meet Grace Gonzalez. From the beginning, Grace and her family have made us feel at home. There is something about Grace and Rodolfo, her dad, that makes you feel like you are part of their family. I love that, like me, they are very grounded in their Latino roots. I can’t wait to be able to travel again to see the Gonzalez’s family and share in the love they have for tequila, their hometown and Mexico as a whole.


So, you’ve been to Destiladora Gonzalez Lux – tell us more about what it’s like there.
When I visited Destiladora Gonzalez Lux in Jalisco, Mexico, I spent some time with Rodolfo and Grace learning about the fine art of tequila-making. It was incredibly inspiring to see the amount of work and passion that goes into each bottle and to learn more about the process.

This partnership is meaningful to me because much like myself, El Mayor is a brand that knows the importance of family and hard work in creating a long-lasting legacy.


Speaking of, tell us more about your long-lasting legacy in professional baseball.
I started playing baseball when I was 5 years old and became a professional baseball player at the age of 16. I was then called up to the Majors was when I was 19 years old. In order to be great at baseball or at anything in life, you need dedication, discipline and persistence. Don’t ever give up, dream every day and have discipline to go after those dreams. That’s why I get along so well with the Gonzalez family – we both put a lot of time and passion into our crafts.


Naturally. So, many want to know – what’s your favorite El Mayor drink?
I like Margaritas or Palomas, but my go-to drink with a premium tequila like El Mayor is Reposado neat.


I could go for a Reposado neat right now. But, it looks like we’re just about out of time – is there anything you want to say before you have to go?
I’d just say to follow @elmayortequila on Instagram, that way you can get notifications for when Grace and I do our Instagram Live happy hours. We do tastings and make traditional cocktails. Last Cinco de Mayo, we had our followers vote on whether we would make margaritas or palomas. They’re a lot of fun – I hope you’ll join us.


Will do. Thanks so much for speaking with me.
Thank you, and salud.




With 14 All-Star appearances, 13 Gold Gloves, a Most Valuable Player Award, and, of course, a World Series ring, Iván “Pudge” Rodríguez has more than earned his spot in Cooperstown as one of the best Major League catchers of all time. In the autobiography, They Call Me Pudge, published in August 2017 by Triumph Books, Rodríguez tells the story of his unforgettable baseball journey, from signing his first professional contract as a 16-year-old in Puerto Rico, to his years in Texas and Detroit, to the World Series stage in Miami, and behind the doors of the Texas Rangers front office. Rodriguez’s accomplishments, his teammates, and his biggest challenges all receive time in the spotlight in this refreshing memoir of a life and Hall-of-Fame career. For more on Ivan Rodríguez: www.pudge7.com