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Behind the Scenes: The El Mayor Distillery Tour

Making tequila is more than a day’s work around here. It is a craft and calling passed down from Gonzalez to Gonzalez. Now for the very first time, we are pleased to share an up-close look at how El Mayor® Tequila is made.

From Plant to Pour

From the moment we set out to make a distillery tour video, it was important to our family that you see more than just our distillery. After all, the story of our award-winning tequila begins in the fields of Jalisco. We sought to capture every step of the El Mayor Tequila process, from the moment a mature agave is harvested to the moment our tequila is poured.

In this video, you’ll see:

  • Jimadors harvesting mature agave in our family’s jicama jima technique
  • The hand-chopping and slow-cooking of fresh piñas
  • Fermentation, led by an heirloom yeast strain passed down through the Gonzalez family
  • Our two-step distillation, which yields El Mayor Blanco Tequila
  • The barrel-aging process, which creates El Mayor Añejo Tequila and other rested favorites
  • The bottling line, where every bottle is hand-labeled and packaged with care

Farmer in an agave field

Capturing the Magic

It’s not every day we welcome a full production crew to our estate. With a more intimate group, Master Distiller Grace Gonzalez and her father, Master Distiller Rodolfo, gave our guests a complete tour of the distillery. Along the way, they paused to explain the passion and wisdom that go into our humble craft.

With this video, our intent is to transport you to Jalisco and make you feel as if you are spending a day with us. We used drones to create unique perspectives of the experience and took special care to capture audio of key moments, like a jimador sharpening his coa or his axe gliding through a piña.

Over on the bottling line, we found a unique way to showcase the handcrafted attention to detail that goes into each and every bottle of El Mayor. We attached a GoPro camera to the bottle and sent it through the line, where it would be filled, labeled and packaged by meticulous hands. So next time you’re enjoying a sip of El Mayor Añejo, know that your bottle could have been our lucky star!

Photograph of an agave plant with two farmers on the left and close-up of the agave on the right

And Now… We Celebrate

A special thanks to you, our friends around the world, for making this possible. It is our great joy to share our tequila with you and we hope you enjoyed this special peek behind the curtain. Be sure to follow along for more moments and memories from this exciting day in Jalisco.

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