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El Mayor Tequila Process
Cultivating Agave for El Mayor Tequila
Harvesting Agave Plants for El Mayor Tequila
Cooking Agave for El Mayor Tequila
Fermentation Process El Mayor Tequila
Distillation Process for El Mayor Tequila
Aging Process for El Mayor Tequila
Bottling El Mayor Tequila for Distribution
Serving El Mayor Tequila

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Graciela González Cortes

Graciela González Cortes

As part of the fourth generation of Gonzalez distillers, Graciela knows firsthand the care and passion that goes into crafting each bottle of El Mayor. She takes pride in sharing her family’s legacy and dedication to tradition – not only by sharing how El Mayor is produced from field to bottle, but also how the variants, each with its own charm and character, should be enjoyed.